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Axle Surgeons...

  • All Types of Vehicles & Trailers - Since 1972 Axle Surgeons has been using an exclusive patented replacement process on damaged axle tubes and spindles on vehicles 3/4-ton and up, for:
    • Trucks • Buses
    • Trailers • Refuse Route Haulers
    • Motor homes • Off-Road Vehicles

  • The Least Cost, Mobile Alternative.  Axle Surgeons patented replacement process is 1/4 the cost of a new housing with less down time because we come to you.
  • Replacement Outlasts Repair.  Only certified Axle Surgeons inserts a completely new spindle for a stronger fix and the reliability of an original part.  Why pay the same amount or more for an old-fashioned, inferior patch or weld that fails leaving you stranded again with another bill?
  • One-Step, Competent Service. Quickly dispatch your nearest, genuine Axle Surgeons® at one call to 717.395.5730.

Email:  axle@Exit77Enterprises.com



Our Mission...

Axle Surgeons provides high quality mobile on-site repair technologies that have a positive financial impact on a trucking operation by reducing downtime and saving on repair costs.  We believe that rigorous training and certification in repair procedures are keys to the success of our service professionals.




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